Registration & Policies


Welcome to Bojangles Art of Dance, where our goal is to ensure that children of all ages and abilities will enjoy a fulfilling experience in the art of dance and the performing arts. During the formitive years, it is so important that young children enjoy and look forward to dance class which we ensure through exceptional teaching methods, constant nurtring and the careful building of confidence and self-esteem.


You can register at anytime on our website or by calling Bojangles at 519-570-2787. 


If you are a newcomer to Bojangles, we want you to know that our policies are designed to guarantee that every student receives the utmost attention, an opportunity to advance, and to support the disciplines so vital to the success of every personal achievement.


Returning parents should also take a few moments to review the policies listed below as each year normally brings some minor adjustments and changes to makes things run even that much more smoothly.


If you have any questions, please give us a call (or leave a message) at (519) 570-2787.