Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the age range of students at Bojangles?
While the majority of our students are elementary and high school students, we truly do have dancers of all ages and skill levels at our studio, with classes specially suited for each age. Our youngest dancers can begin as early as 2-1/2 years of age (they should be 3 by January of the dance year). These children need to be potty trained, and they need to be comfortable with being away from their mother for the duration of the class.


2. What can I expect my three-year-old to learn?
They basically work on locomotor skills, pre-ballet, creative movement and social interaction. Sometimes young children may enjoy the rhythms of music at home, but it takes time for some of them to be ready for organized group activity. At this age it varies a lot from child to child when they are ready. In class, the teacher will encourage them to join in and have fun and help them become a part of the class.


3. How do I know if my child is progressing well in class?
We have parent observation days in the fall, winter and spring. As far as your child’s advancement – the individual teacher is the one who can best judge that in relation to the rest of the class. If you have concerns, we recommend that you schedule a time to meet with the teacher.


4. I don’t know anything about dance, except that I’m not a dancer. Will this have a negative impact on my child’s ability to grasp dance concepts and develop dance skills?
Well, you can take adult classes and have fun at home with your child, but if you choose not to, just encourage your child to show you at home what they are working on. Don’t force a regimented practice schedule on them at an early age. It is supposed to be fun.


5. My son has expressed an interest to dance. Do boys dance at Bojangles?
Absolutely!! We have many boys, especially in the younger age groups dancing at the studio. As a matter of fact, we now have fathers at our studio who danced at Bojangles during their teen and pre-teen years. Many have said that dance and learning to perform comfortably in front of an audience, taught them poise and self-confidence which helped them immensely in their adult years and business careers. Boys and girls alike can benefit from better coordination. Many coaches have even noticed the difference of students who dance and play sports. Although there are too few male dancers, the ones who come to our studio are here because they love it. Several of them are among our top award-winning performers. Many professional sports coaches include dance training for their athletes to increase strength, balance, co-ordination and rhythm.


6. Do you have a dance “team” that takes part in competitions?
Yes, we have a performing Dance Company made up of Junior, Intermediate and Senior companies. Participation in the Dance Company occurs by invitation, with the teaching faculty determining annually those students who exhibit the dedication, attitude and proficiency to represent the studio in public performances and competitions. In addition to attending classes several nights per week, Company members perform in shows, competitions and workshops as far away as Walt Disney World, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Las Vegas and NYC.


7. Where do I find dance shoes for my child? Do you sell them at your studio?
We recommend that all our beginner students purchase their dance supplies at our studio, so they have the same type of shoes as required for their respective classes. If they are hard to fit or are members of our dance troupe, we will personally recommend the best place to find the proper shoe. Always talk to a teacher before purchasing shoes outside the studio.


8. When do classes begin?
All our classes run September thru June like the school year. While we do accept students later in the year, it is to the student’s benefit to start at the beginning of the session. (When in doubt, please stop by or call us.) We also offer a separate summer workshop called DanceCraze.


How do I register?

See the registration section of this web site, send us a message or simply call us at (519) 570-2787.