Why Bojangles Dance Arts?

Why Bojangles Dance Arts?

Bojangles Dance Arts is K-W’s first nationally acclaimed dance studio. For 43 years Bojangles Dance Arts has maintained its outstanding reputation for being K-W’s family dance studio since it first opened its doors in 1980. Dance classes are offered to students ages 2 and up in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Hip-Hop, Tumbling and Pre-School .


Bojangles Dance Arts has served many KW families who cherish their experience at our studio as an integral part in the growth and development of their children.

We are proud of our reputation in the professional dance industry but more importantly in being the catalyst for so many successful dance careers including many dance studios in the Tri-City area. Many studio directors and or their teachers have trained or received training from someone who began at Bojangles Dance Arts. Bojangles Dance Arts is known for leading the way in dance not only in KW but throughout North America.


Our staff & faculty are dedicated to Bojangles Dance Arts reputation for producing quality instruction. Our teachers are equally committed and teach both our recreational students as well as our elite trained dancers. Our toddler and preschool classes are taught by qualified and adult teachers with many years of experience. We are known for teaching exceptional recreational and elite dance classes. We are proud to raise the bar in dance instruction.


Bojangles Dance Arts offers 3 studios with sprung flooring and huge open viewing windows. Our viewing windows provide an opportunity for our parents ease of mind while also allowing them access to see our wonderful teaching methodology. We welcome our parents to our spacious waiting areas with convenience of free

wi-fi and a full time front desk staff.


Bojangles Dance Arts has served KW families for over 40 years. We are known for creating memories to last a life time. With our year end recitals our reputation precedes us in producing a magical experience upon which every child and their family are thrilled with the outcome. Bojangles Dance Arts Showtopping Recitals are a highlight of our season with an emphasis on entertainment for the entire family!

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