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Recreational Classes

We are proud to have the largest recreational program in KW. Our reputation for teaching children has given us the honor of receiving the top studio in the region. We excel in all ages and all types of genres. Our dance studio is the perfect place for kids to fall in love with dance. Our large viewing windows are unique to the KW area. We believe that you deserve to see and experience the joy of dance through your child’s eyes. The dancers love having an audience which allows them to be comfortable at recital time.

We go above and beyond with a theme filled studio environment that changes frequently with the seasons, a free t-shirt for the holiday season and a commemorative recital t-shirt.

We believe that the recreational dancer and their families deserve to be supported and recognized as a valuable part of our dance school. All of our recreational students receive a free ticket to enjoy their recital. We do not believe that families should have to buy a ticket for their dancer who is participating. We always want to ensure that their participation is one that occurs in a strong and supportive environment where excellence and appreciation is a top priority.

Our recreational dancers are the backbone of our success and we attribute that to our commitment to always teach dance with lots of praise, encouragement, laughter and fun. Come dance with us and see what we are all about.

LET’S GO BO - Ages 2-3 & 3-4

Our Bo-Bitty & Bo-Beanie programs are catered to ages 2-3 and 3-4 years of age. Our preschool dance classes are designed to engage your dancer creatively while exploring dance in a class with both free and structured movement. All classes are taught by exceptional pre-school teachers with a minimum of 2 assistants. Your dancer will be introduced to all the basics that provide an excellent dance foundation. Classes offered include 3 choices. Tap/Jazz combo, Ballet, Acro/Hip-Hop combo. All Bo-bitty and Bo-Beenie dance programs run from September through June. The tiny dancer celebrates their year with a performance in our spectacular year end recital!!

Parents and students have peace of mind while being able to view the class throughout the entire process with our large viewing windows. This allows parents to be able to bring dance into their homes and allows the young dancer to take their first steps of independence while staying connected to you on the other side of the window.

We take pride in igniting the spark of loving dance with our preschoolers. Allow us the privilege to take the first dance step with your tiny dancer!


Let’s Go Bo - Ages 4-5 & Ages 5-6

Our Bo-Boomer & Bo-Biggie programs are catered to ages 4-5 and 5-6 years of age. Dancers are now ready to develop their dance training on a whole new level. The classes offered for these ages are an excellent foundation for the dancers to broaden their technique and explore more intricate steps and dance training. Bo-Boomer and Bo-Biggie dancers continue to explore dance inside of a fun and unique atmosphere with an emphasis on technique, dance vocabulary, musicality, and performance. Viewing windows are a must with this age group as they love to perform for whoever is watching. All classes are 45 minutes in length. We also offer combination classes which are 90 minutes long. Classes offered for this age group are Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop, Tap/Jazz combo, Hip Hop/Acro combo. The program runs from September through June. The Kinder dance students love performing and celebrating dance in our spectacular year end recital. Let’s JUMPSTART your young dancer into the fun and magical world of dance.


Let’s Go Bo - Ages 7-8 & 8-9

The Bo-Boss , Bo - Mini Program is for the dancer who may be starting their dance journey for the first time or have been training since a young dancer. We offer classes to accommodate all levels of dancers.Bo-Boss is for ages 7-8. Bo-Mini is for ages 8-9.

These dance classes range from beginner to advanced with 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length depending on the level of your dancer. The dancers are trained in technique with a focus on discipline, body alignment, placement and optimal training.They are encouraged to bring their dance training to a standard which is executed with more precision and specific movement. All classes are encouraging, motivating and taught in an inspiring environment . Viewing windows are still appropriate for these dancers.Classes offered are Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, and Hip Hop. All dancers are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in our Year End Recital.

Many dancers from this program have explored other opportunities such as performing with our Bo-Crew dance team. Our BO-crew Dance Club is a wonderful introduction for dancers at this age to take their dance skills and apply them on a pre-competitive stage. They love the opportunity to further their dance training in a healthy environment which is cost friendly as a part of our Pre-Competitive Dance program.


Let’s go Bo - Ages 10-12 years

The Bo-Junior Dance Program is offered to beginner and experienced dancers ages 10-12.

Classes are taught at your dancers' skilled level. Whether your child is a beginner or experienced dancer , we have a class to accommodate their needs. Classes are built on foundational skills which will allow them to advance their dance training recreationally and explore the possibility of joining our Bo-Crew Dance Club and compete in our pre-competitive program.

Our Bo-Junior program is where we build confident young dancers who bring their skills outside of their dance world.

We offer Hip- Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary & Acro.

Our Bo - Juniors love hitting the stage in our Year End Recital.


Lets Go Bo - Ages 12 +

Our Bo-Teen recreational dance program is nothing but RAD! Our Bo-Teen dancers can explore every genre of dance from beginner to advanced level.

All classes are 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. We offer Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Contemporary with a ballet base.

The Bo-Teen dancers have an amazing opportunity to join our Bo-Crew pre-competitive teen dance team. They will train and explore the competitive dance world inside of team dance work and personal growth as an individual dancer. Skills, confidence, team building, friendships and memories take our teens into a whole new world of becoming solid performers in everything they do. This is a cost- effective program for pre-competitive dancers. Our Bo-Teen dancers are an important part of our Year End Recital.

Bo Bitty
Bo-Bitty Ballet2-3SatOPEN10:00AM-10:30AM
Bo-Bitty Ballet/Acro2-3WedOPEN5:45PM-6:15PM
Bo-Bitty Jazz/Hip Hop2-3SatOPEN9:30AM-10:00AM
Bo-Bitty Tap2-3SatOPEN9:00AM-9:30AM
Bo-Bitty Tap/Jazz2-3WedOPEN5:15PM-5:45PM
Beginner Bo-Beanie Ballet3-5TueOPEN5:15PM-6:00PM
Beginner Bo-Beanie Tap/Jazz3-5TueOPEN6:00PM-6:45PM
Bo-Beanie Ballet3-4SatOPEN9:00AM-9:45AM
Bo-Beanie Tap/Jazz3-4SatOPEN9:45AM-10:30AM
Hip Hop/Acro Combo
Bo-Boom Acro/Hip Hop3-5SatFULL10:45AM-11:45AM
Bo Boomer
Beginner Bo-Boom Hip Hop4-6WedOPEN6:15PM-7:00PM
Bo-Boomer Ballet4-5SatOPEN12:00PM-12:45PM
Bo-Boomer Ballet4-5WedOPEN6:00PM-6:45PM
Bo-Boomer Beginner Ballet4-6SatOPEN9:00AM-9:45AM
Bo-Boomer Beginner Tap/Jazz4-6SatOPEN9:45AM-10:30AM
Bo-Boomer Tap/Jazz4-5WedOPEN5:15PM-6:00PM
Bo-Boomer Tap/Jazz4-5SatOPEN12:45PM-1:30PM
Bo-Biggie Acro5-6TueOPEN6:45PM-7:30PM
Bo-Biggie Acro5-6SatOPEN1:45PM-2:30PM
Bo-Biggie Ballet5-6SatOPEN10:45AM-11:30AM
Bo-Biggie Ballet (Tuesday)5-6TueOPEN5:00PM-5:45PM
Bo-Biggie Hip Hop5-6SatOPEN12:15PM-1:00PM
Bo-Biggie Jazz5-6SatFULL11:30AM-12:15PM
Bo-Biggie Jazz (Tuesday)5-6TueOPEN6:30PM-7:15PM
Bo-Biggie Tap5-6TueOPEN5:45PM-6:30PM
Bo-Biggie Tap5-6SatOPEN1:00PM-1:45PM
Beginner Bo-Mini Jazz/Hip Hop7-9WedOPEN7:00PM-7:45PM
Bo-Mini Ballet7-9WedOPEN6:45PM-7:30PM
Bo-Mini Contemporary7-9WedOPEN7:30PM-8:15PM
Bo-Mini Hip Hop7-9TueOPEN6:30PM-7:15PM
Bo-Mini Hip Hop (Wed)7-9WedOPEN5:15PM-6:00PM
Bo-Mini Jazz7-9TueOPEN7:15PM-8:00PM
Bo-Mini Tap7-9WedOPEN6:00PM-6:45PM
Bo-Boss Acro Level 37-8SatFULL11:15AM-12:00PM
Bo-Boss Ballet Level 37-8SatOPEN10:30AM-11:15AM
Bo-Boss Contemporary Level 37-8SatOPEN12:00PM-12:45PM
Bo-Boss Hip Hop Level 37-8FriOPEN5:45PM-6:30PM
Bo-Boss Jazz (Fri) Level 37-8FriOPEN5:00PM-5:45PM
Bo-Boss Jazz (Tues) Level 37-8TueOPEN5:45PM-6:30PM
Bo-Boss Tap Level 37-8TueOPEN5:00PM-5:45PM
Beginner Bo-Junior Ages 9-12 Hip Hop10-12WedOPEN8:15PM-9:00PM
Bo-Junior Ballet/Contemporary10-12WedOPEN6:45PM-7:30PM
Bo-Junior Hip Hop10-12WedOPEN8:15PM-9:00PM
Bo-Junior Hip Hop (Fri)10-12FriOPEN7:15PM-8:00PM
Bo-Junior Jazz10-12WedOPEN7:30PM-8:15PM
Bo-Junior Jazz (Fri)10-12FriOPEN6:30PM-7:15PM
Bo-Teen Ballet/Contemporary12+WedOPEN6:45PM-7:30PM
Bo-Teen Hip Hop12+WedOPEN8:15PM-9:00PM
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