Erin and Rob Smith

We just wanted to tell you what an absolutely wonderful dance experience our daughter had this past year. Our shy little girl came out of her shell this year and enjoyed dancing so much, she asked to be enrolled again in September. Miss Nikki did an amazing job of keeping the youngest dancers engaged and therefore interested. The class helpers were enthusiastic and always knew how to grab the attention of the students. It was amazing to see the progress of each child as the year went on. My daughter loved dancing at the year-end recital and often puts her costumes on just for fun. We are so thrilled with the overall experience of Bojangles and look forward to continuing to dance!

Tyler Angel (student)

I would be no where without Bojangles. I wouldn’t have the training, discipline, confidence, and motivation if it wasn’t for the BDA team. Starting dance at 15, I immediately fell in love. I was continuously inspired and motivated by the teachers at BDA, and I will forever be appreciative of their dedication towards me. A few years into my dance journey I realized I would no longer be able to continue with my training. With my financial situation I could no longer afford to dance. But I would like to dedicate a HUGE thank you to Ms. Margo who took me under her wing and offered me full sponsorship. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her, and I will never forget how much she has changed and impacted my life for the better. Because of Bojangles I can now call myself a dancer, and I love that.

Sharon Madison

As parents of nine dancing children, seven of whom dance competitively, the choice of dance studio was one of the most important decisions we had to make when we moved to the Kitchener-Waterloo area two years ago. After meeting with Margo and Nikki for the first time, we left with complete confidence that they could meet the needs of all of our children and would see them as nine individuals as they work towards helping each of them reach their potential. We are certain the skills our children have gained from their many years of competitive dance experience will serve them well in their future careers and for the rest of their lives.

Kim Koraca

If you are looking for a studio that offers technique, great choreography and teachers that are passionate then Bojangles is the place to be. Not every studio does all three so well. I am always impressed by how the awesome teachers not only inspire their students, but find inspiration in their students. I can honestly say that I know my children are building life skills, self esteem and dance talent when they walk in the doors of Bojangles.

Tara and Steven Pahl

Our BDA Experience Our family has been with Bojangles for most of our 11 years in the dance community. We have participated in many different levels of dance from recreational, adult and competitive. We have always found Bojangles classes to be a high energy, positive and a great learning environment for the kids to grow. We have had experience at other studios and returned to Bojangles as we believe in their training. In the words of our daughter ” I want to go back home!” We believe that by being apart of the Bojangles family we have given our daughter the best environment to grow in her love of dance, and as leader in her community! Loving our Bojangles experience…

Izzy & Roger Janke

It’s hard to believe that it was some 27 years ago that our little daughter, Jill, stated dancing classes with Margo at Bojangles. Jill worked extremely hard over the years, despite visible, physical deformities. Her efforts and determination were not only noted by Margo and the staff but rewarded with an unbelievable year- end recognition award. As Jill progressed, she advanced to competitive dancing in both group and solo numbers culminating in one of the highlights of our lives, the competition week in Myrtle Beach attend also by Jill’s grandparents and her Aunt form Scotland. We believe that while many studio directors may have shied away from permitting someone with deformities from participating at the highest level of competition, Margo embraced the opportunity and choreographed the dances around Jill’s capabilities and abilities. To say that Margo has had a profound influence in our lives would be an understatement. We enjoy dancing immensely and now our emotions are refreshed as our little 4 year old granddaughter, Lilly, commences her third year of dancing at Bojangles, already exhibiting the same, fierce dedication and determination as her mother did a quarter of a century ago.

Susan Ballantyne (Grandma)

Our experience with Miss Andrea has been positive and very rewarding. Many times we have thought of changing to a dance school closer however there is only ONE Miss Andrea. My grand daughter loves her teacher not only for her ability to teach her dance but her sense of humor, her warmth and genuine love and concern. As grandparents Miss Andrea has patience, we have noticed our grand daughter’s self esteem grow as Miss Andrea works diligently teaching her new steps. Miss Andrea built a rapport with our grand daughter 5 years ago and it continues to grow. At the end of each year she mentions taking “hip hop” in the fall. As much as she would enjoy learning hip hop she is very quick to state “I love Miss Andrea so I’m going to continue with ballet”. Miss Andrea certainly has her heart!

Marina Garabetien

Joining Bojangles in 2012 was a great move for my children. My daughter, almost 3 years old and my twin boys at 18 months, always look forward to their Saturday morning classes. It was very important for me that my children were enrolled in a school that provided high quality dance training with a flair for creativity and fun. Miss Nikki and Miss Amy are outstanding in their ability to retain the interest of such a young group of dancers. Their unparalleled attention and abounding enthusiasm keep my children engaged. At the start of every dance year, you wonder how someone so young can learn two routines, get up on a professional stage at the end of the year and perform in the Annual Year End Show; the reality is they do. As a parent, seeing them perform is a feeling you want to “bottle up” and keep forever. I could have enrolled my children in other activities at this age, but Bojangles Dance Arts gives them the opportunity to build relationships, gain discipline, work in teams, and build the confidence to perform in front of hundreds of people; all well honing their skills in dance and having a lot of fun along the way!!!

Sandra Leelook

When my daughter first started dance she was an extremely shy 5 year old who would never say a word to anyone unless she knew them well. I remember being very worried on her first day at Bojangles because this was her second attempt at dance. We had tried another dance studio the year before but she did not enjoy it at all. The first day of class at Bojangles my daughter was her typical shy and quiet self. She did not want to go into the studio and was crying however, once the teacher, Miss Melanie came over and gently grabbed her hand my daughter’s love for Bojangles had begun. Now 3 years later she spends 6 plus hours a week at Bojangles and that is still not enough for her! I have watch my shy quiet little girl transform into a confident outgoing dancer who wants nothing more than to be performing on stage with all of her friends she has made at Bojangles. The teachers at Bojangles Dance Arts are some of the hardest working teachers around. The teachers patience and dedication to each and every student is incredible. Every year I watch how my daughter progresses not only in dance but with her self-confidence and I have to thank the BDA staff for continuing to inspire all of the kids at BDA to be the best they can be!

Philip and Tracey Bruni

Our family first began at Bojangles 7 years ago when we registered our oldest daughter, who was at the time only 2 years old for tiny toes ballet with Miss Nikki. All the teachers were so friendly and welcoming. We were very impressed with the quality of dance taught and how outstanding the recreational program was. All three of my children, now ages 9, 7 and 4 continue to dance at Bojangles for fun and exercise. They continue to love to dance and we wouldn’t have them anywhere else.

Sharm and Jeff Feagan

7 Years ago we chose Bojangles because of the large viewing windows which allowed us to watch every tap, hop, smile our baby achieved! She is now 9 years old and when we look through those windows we are at awe of the love, passion, dedication and commitment we see in her eyes and the movement of her body and feet!! This is something we as parents could not have given her. Each teacher at Bojangles has given a piece of their love of this beautiful art called “dance” and has placed it into her heart. We are grateful to have found a place where we can hand over our child and trust not only that they will turn her into a beautiful, capable dancer but will teach her to work hard and make her accountable to her team and herself. They truly care about about each dancer.

Jen and Jim Moss

We’ve been taking our son to Bojangles Dance Arts for three years now and it has been a fantastic experience for both him and for us. We get the opportunity to watch him grow up in an environment that respects individual creativity and yet provides boundaries to develop skills like responsibility and commitment and drive. He has taken so many good learnings from his dance journey and we’re extremely grateful to Bojangles for guiding him through these very important, life shaping years. I am so impressed by the instructors. So many times you pay for sports or activities and never know who will be shaping your children. What I love about Bojangles is that I know with certainty that the instructors are professionals who really care about my child, and are worth every penny”

Amy V. (student)

The year my mom signed me up for dance classes at Bojangles Dance Arts, I fell in love with dance for the first time when I was only two years old. When I walked through those studio doors things changed. This was the start of a beautiful journey. A journey which has not just shaped me as a dancer but as a person. Every step, every challenge, and every stumble made me grow and learn- pushing me to become stronger and wiser. I am so lucky to have experienced this journey and I would have not changed a single moment if I could. The teachers, the dancers, and the overall environment was incomparable… impeccable. I am so rapturous to take all the vocabulary I have soaked in the last 15 years here out to share with the world. It has been a life changing experience and I owe it to Bojangles Dance Arts for providing this opportunity. Now ‘A day I don’t dance is a day I don’t live’. You have to always go big or go home. And most importantly enjoy every single moment because in a blink of an eye it will be over.

Carter Mussleman

All the teachers at B.D.A are awesome. They’re so nice but they work us hard, we all enjoy going there. They put so much time and effort into each one of us to make us amazing. When I became a competitive dancer I learned al lot about myself and about dance. Dance has become my life, thanks to B.D.A. The teachers, my friends and other parents are like my second family and the studio is my second home. One day I hope to be a professional dancer, I am very thankful to have B.D.A supporting me to help me reach my goals. Miss Alyssa always pushes me in class. She done my hip hop solos since I started competitive dance. Miss Alyssa’s choreography rocks #Lou Rocks.